How do you think government can be better?

We're listening

Listening First

We'd like for you to have routine and tangible influence over our campaign and, if elected, our congressional office. We will begin with listening points, and what we hear will guide our platform and decision making.

We will bring these listening points with us, door to door and digitally, to connect with as broad a population as we can. We will publish the stories we have heard and the influences they have on our campaign.

It's government by the people after all.

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About Costa

Costa has worked on long term planning for astrobiology with NASA scientists, on improving public health policies with the National Cancer Institute, on education reform efforts across US universities, and much more. His job is always to help groups of people with different jobs and viewpoints to think creatively in order to solve incredibly complex problems. Congress very much needs this kind of problem solver.

Costa grew up in a family construction company, renovating homes, and building playgrounds. He lives in Whitestone, NY, and is very excited to listen to New Yorkers about the change they’d like to see in their government.

The Pillars of Our Congressional Campaign

We’ve been thinking hard about how best to run our congressional campaign, and we’re going to continue to take in feedback and adjust accordingly. We see our campaign not as a contest but as a conversation with the community. We are accountable to you, and no one else! Here’s how we’re setting up to operate...

Listen First

The first and most important job of a Representative is to listen to constituents. By listening to the community, we can understand what the important issues are, and how best to get prepared to solve them.

My team and I will do all that we can to listen to you, the constituents, through the use of social media, and by showing up in person in the communities across NY District 3.

Read “Good Government Start with Listening”

Unite People

One of the greatest challenges we face is division. If a campaign divides people further, it causes more harm than good. We have to listen to different opinions on an issue, otherwise the policies we craft to address that issue will be severely limited.

My team and I will listen to you regardless of what political camp your views fall into, and we will work to bridge the gaps and rifts that have formed between various members and groups in the community.

Read “The Divided States of America”

Be a Problem-Solver

Americans get to work every day and solve problems. Teachers, engineers, retail staff, chefs, moms, and astronauts all work hard every day to solve problems, and public servants need to do the same. Our Congress’s inability to solve critical issues is massively disheartening, frustrating, and we can do better!

My team and I will take action on challenges and issues you raise with us. Wherever possible, we will go beyond talk, and work to solve problems.

Costa Michailidis is Running for the United States House of Representatives in New York District 3.

Map of New York Congressional District 3 - NY-03

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